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Psychotherapy Services

The MindTherapy Clinic aims to provide adult psychoanalytic psychotherapy for as wide a constituency as possible. Referrals come through GPs, health centres, counselling organisations, colleagues and former patients, as well as individuals who seek consultation.

How Psychotherapy Can Help

Psychotherapy can be helpful for those who:

  • Have difficulty in their relationships
  • Feel depressed
  • Have anxiety and panic attacks
  • Experience sexual problems
  • Have difficulty in coping with bereavement or personal loss
  • Who undergo physical discomfort resulting from emotional stress
  • Who undergo problems in everyday lives
  • Those who experience learning difficulties
  • Suffer phobias 

Psychotherapy is concerned with the person as a whole : their life history, their past and present relationships, and both their conscious and unconscious.

The relationship between the therapist and the client facilitates self-discovery, change and growth. It is a process which requires time and regular attendance at sessions.

Different Forms of Psychotherapy

Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
This is the principal form of therapy offered by MindTherapy professionals. Length of treatment could vary from a few sessions to an open-ended treatment process. The frequency of sessions strictly depends on the nature of the problem and does vary by each individual case. 

Group Analytic Psychotherapy
A group usually has a maximum of twelve members and meets once or twice weekly. Group members discuss about their difficulties, problems and feelings under the guidance of a group psychotherapist. Interaction among each other is an integral part of the work of the group.

Marital or Family Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy can take place with couples or families who have problems in their relationships with each other and wish to sort and solve these among themselves. Treatment here could vary from a few sessions to a longer period of time.

The MindTherapy Clinic

In any of the above cases, should you consider psychotherapy, please telephone the MindTherapy Foundation Administration Desk an appointment. 



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